Drama Ministry

Scroll N Pen Productions

Casting Call


Based on the Azusa Street Revival

By Robin Capers


They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire…”—Acts 2:3


Premise: A penniless preacher and his small prayer group spark a supernatural awakening in a Los Angeles community that ignites a worldwide movement.

Genre: Historical Drama

Original Stage Play: It’s something new, fresh, and exciting involving audience participation and eliciting supernatural response

Purpose of Creative Work: To provoke spiritual awakening by the power of the Holy Spirit

Related Scripture Verse:I will show you my faith by my works.”—NKJV, James 2.18

Ultimate Objective: To produce this play in major US and international cities

Testimonial: “What a marvelous choice of subject matter (faithfully rendered for the theatre): The Azusa Street Revival. . . . It will be interesting to see how God uses each live performance of this play. The stage allows us to share the special nature of ‘pretend’ in a way that is totally theatrical and perfectly matched to the work of the Holy Spirit.” —Professor Kevin Crawford, Regent University, MDiv, MFA, PhD

Occasion: The Azusa Street Revival (1906-1922) with relevant updates

Target Audience: Individuals from all ethnicities and walks of life who long to be touched by God, long for His Presence, and long to be enveloped by His Love


In Order of Appearance:

GODFREY (50s to 60s), the antagonist, Caucasian, dynamic, smooth talker *

FOUR SPIRITS (teens to 20s), non-speaking parts, able to dance *

JEZEBEL (40s to 60s), the ruling evil spirit, prideful, haughty, arrogant

JENNIE EVANS MOORE (late 20s to 30s), becomes Seymour’s wife, African American, pretty, bold, loyal, funny, plays the piano, sings

EDWARD LEE (30s to 40s), Seymour’s friend, African American, supportive, laid back, sings

NELLIE LEE (30s to 40s), Brother Lee’s wife, African American, big personality, bossy, sings

RUTH ASBERRY (50s to 60s), Brother Asberry’s wife, African American, wise mentor, kindhearted, lively, sings

RICHARD ASBERRY (50s to 60s), the prayer group host, African American, quiet, procrastinator, sings

ELDER SEYMOUR (50 plus), the storyteller, African American, pleasant voice, speaks with a slight southern drawl, sings

WILLIAM SEYMOUR (30s), the protagonist, African American, handsome, passionate preacher, dedicated, vibrant, speaks with a slight southern drawl, sings

JULIA HUTCHINS (40s to 50s), an arrogant elder, African American *

SAVANNAH (20s), a youthful prostitute, Caucasian, flirtatious *

ANGEL (teens to 20s), a lyrical/ballet dancer, non-speaking part

LUCY FARROW (also Julia Hutchins), loving, anointed, speaks in tongues *

FRANK FINKEL (Godfrey in disguise), a biased newspaper reporter, egotistical *

MISS CLARA LUM (also Savannah), a stenographer, conniving, vindictive *

BANJO PLAYER, non-speaking part

TWELVE AUDIENCE MEMBERS, selected prior to each performance

MARRIED COUPLE (20 plus), non-speaking parts

CHARLES PARHAM (Godfrey in disguise), founder of the Apostolic Faith Movement, pompous, control freak *

HEBREW DANCERS (also Eight Spirits), non-speaking parts *

PHOTOGRAPHER (Godfrey in disguise), the wedding *


  • Godfrey / Frank Finkel / Charles Parham / Photographer
  • Eight Spirits / Hebrew Dancers
  • Julia Hutchins / Lucy Farrow
  • Savannah / Miss Clara Lum


  • Patrons of the Arts
  • Co-Producers
  • Consulting Theatre Director
  • Cast & Crew Members
  • Touring Manager
  • Keyboardist/Musicians
  • Lighting & Sound Technician
  • Choreographer-Lyrical Dancer
  • Hebrew Dancers
  • Prayer Shawl Knitters
  • Film Director & Crew
  • Volunteers

Contact Information

Producer: James Capers, BSLS
Producer: Robin Capers, MFA

If interested: Please send your resume and a statement of why you feel called to this Drama Ministry. Use “Drama Ministry” as the subject to: Robin@ScrollNPen.com


One Response to Drama Ministry

  1. Sue says:

    Sounds amazing! Great Job!

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